let ME introduce you To hot dip !

"My hot dip service degreases, sanitizes, and protects all of your restaurant's kitchen equipment. I developed my hot dip machine because I got tired of watching the "professionals" use torches and other damaging tools to try and degrease and sanitize commercial restaurant equipment. Your equipment costs a lot of money and the last thing you want to do is reduce its efficiency with abrasive / rough cleaning methods. My apparatus uses safe chemicals to quickly and carefully clean and disinfect your kitchen equipment." - Joseph Cohen, owner.

Can You HOT DIP everything in a restaurant's kitchen?!

I can disassemble just about every piece of equipment in your restaurant's kitchen and use my hot dip machine to clean it. Why continue using the same old practices from 50 years ago when you can utilize our hot dip apparatus to sanitize and disinfect your equipment.

Protect the lifespan of your eyeburners and integrity of your BTUs by utilizing Florida Kitchen Services Hot Dip method.

The reason "professionals" use torches and abrasive tools to scrape, push, and slide grease across your equipment is because they're trying to save time by not breaking down the equipment. This means that your equipment isn't really being cleaned as good as it should be. You're paying big bucks to restore your equipment and cook healthy food on clean sanitized equipment. Don't cut corners - let us show you why our hot dip service is the best in Florida! Don't settle for down and dirty ... take your time and clean it thoroughly.

HOT DIP Really Works!

The proof Is In The Pictures

simply put, Hot Dip works great!

Our hot dip system is the most efficient and cost effective method of getting rid of grease, carbon, fats, and oils. Whether you own a restaurant, prepare meals in a nursing home, prepare meat and food for a supermarket, or any other kid of commercial kitchen - our state of the art machine is perfect for you.

When you use our hot dip system you are using the ultimate in cleaning power guaranteed to reduce utility bills, lower your kitchen overhead, increase your productivity and easily provide a great return on Investment.