Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Florida

Looking for Commercial kitchen cleaning in Florida? Florida Kitchen Services provides a full-service restaurant kitchen cleaning from fine dining to fast casual, stand-alone or multi-unit establishments. 

Our goal is always the same: to keep your restaurant clean and safe for both your customers and staff.

With decades of experience providing commercial kitchen cleaning under our belts, the restaurant owners who contract with us trust that NOBODY does it better than Florida Kitchen Services.


After Your Equipment, We Clean Your Ceilings, Tiles, Walls, and Floors.

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Our Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Florida
restaurant equipment cleaning florida


Incorporating our specialized machine we can restore your equipment back to it’s original metal. Other companies drill out holes in your burners which cause your eye burners to lose BTU while our system protects your equipment from degradation. Our monthly or quarterly dip service ensures that your kitchen from contaminants and germs, allowing you to maintain high quality food production.

  • Equipment Sanitization
  • Reapply High-Temp Coatings
  • Eye Burners Cleaning
  • Oven, Broiler, Confection Rack Cleaning
  • BTU and Broiler Enhancement
  • Degrease / Decarbonize Equipment
  • Cooktop Surface Efficiency
  • Equipment Dip Services & Plans
Clean Commercial Kitchen in Florida


Ensuring that your ceiling is free from particle residue and grease buildup is important to the overall health of your kitchen. Following our ceiling cleaning services, the reflection from ceiling lights will increase up to 300%. We keep your kitchen clean, free from grease, and cook high quality healthy food. You will see an improvement in the air quality of your kitchen once we’ve removed all of these contaminants.


  • Clean Discolored Ceiling Panels
  • Clean & Restore Light Fixture Covers
  • Replace Broken Ceiling Panels


  • Remove Food Residue and Grease
  • Clean & Sanitize Wall Surfaces
  • Thorough Rinse and Restoration
Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning Florida


When your floors need a professional cleaning to remove grease, debris, dirt, and other potential hazards – call the professionals. We can replace grout without replacing the tile and apply a waterproof and slip-resistant coating which increases the productivity of your kitchen staff and gives them peace of mind.

  • Clean and Restore Floors
  • Drain Cover Degreasing and Cleaning
  • Slip Resistant Coating
  •  Complete Grout Replacement