Restaurant kitchen EQUIPMENT sales

“At Florida Kitchen Services, we always strive to match your equipment purchases to your restaurant’s needs. The quality of all equipment we recommend and sell is superb, has a long lifespan, and includes a solid warranty. Nothing makes a restaurant owner more frustrated than salespeople who oversell to try and earn a bigger commission. When you work with me, I’ll evaluate your cookline size and make recommendations on how you can operate a productive, optimized kitchen.”

– Joseph Cohen, Owner


We ship all equipment directly to your restaurant and equipment purchased through us receive a discount on all future cleanings.

Biggest selection & Highest Quality, GUARANTEED

Commercial Ice Machines
Gas Ranges
Convection Ovens
Restaurant Ranges
Commercial Food Processors
Gas Fryers

Commercial Microwaves
Vacuum Packaging Machines
Commercial Grills
Rapid Cook-High Speed Ovens

Under Counter Dishwashers
Coffee Brewers
Commercial Steam Tables
Espresso Machines

Commercial Dishwashers
Equipment Parts
Holding and Proofing Cabinets
Commercial Blenders
Immersion Blenders
Slushy Machines
Meat Slicers

We Understand Your Kitchen Equipment Needs

With Over 40 years of COMMERCIAL restaurant kitchen experience.

Often times, sales people think of only one thing when trying to assist a restaurant owner: how much profit they can squeeze out of their customer. At Florida Kitchen we don’t think our customers in terms of numbers – we think in terms of the best fitting solution for your cookline needs. It’s important to us to understand your budget as well as the requirements of your prep, cooking, and finishing areas.

When you call Joseph for your restaurant kitchen equipment questions – his knowledge of equipment will help you make the absolute best choice to provide your kitchen staff with the tools they need to ensure a safe, productive, optimized cooking environment.

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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Ready To Deliver!

After We Help With With Your Purchase, We Clean Your Ceilings, Tiles, Walls, and Floors.